Crowdfunding is an incredibly powerful new tool that has lowered the barriers to making ideas happen. But it's still a relatively new phenomenon and the rules are still being written so let's help write them.

Crowdfunding London was set up by  Rob Hallifax after he realised that, although there are plenty of great projects going on in London and the UK, there was a lack of resources and support for UK-based crowdfunders. (I'm to try calling it CFL and see if it catches on.)

The community will be anchored around regular get-togethers at Makerversity in central London. There will be talks and presentations by past crowdfunders and others involved in starting or supporting projects. There will probably be beer and maybe even pizza, so there will be plenty of chance for informal discussions and serendipitous networking.

Beyond the meetups, the aim of the group is to share knowledge, support and inspiration. This website will hopefully evolve into a useful resource for people all over the UK and beyond who want to join in. By sharing practical advice on running a crowdfunding campaign, finding suppliers or sourcing materials, or just by providing moral support we want to help more people run successful crowdfunding campaigns.

Whether you're just beginning to think about doing something with your ideas, looking for collaborators, or you're a seasoned crowdfunding campaigner, CFL will be a great place to meet like-minded people.

Initially at least, the community will mostly be relevant to rewards-based crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but there should be plenty of room for discussions about other types of crowdfunding.